Cyber Security, Threat Intelligence Monitoring & Education



ProtectX Cyber Solutions is a full-service, full-cycle, cyber solutions company specializing in Cybersecurity, Business Continuity and Crisis & Emergency Management.

Headquartered in the Orlando, FL area, this rising company provides its indispensable services to its clients both locally & globally.

This company is composed of an expert team of talented Business Continuity, Cyber Security, Cyber Intelligence Teams, Digital Forensics,  24/7 Support Team, Security Operations Center (SOC), and Emergency and Crisis Management Operations Center (EOC) Services. ProtectX’s team of Certified experts develop custom strategies to defend & protect their clients’ data assets, technical systems infrastructure, and brand reputation.

Complete Cyber and Network Security For your Business


KRAA Security Solutions team is comprised of industry leaders in network, application, database and communication security. Our over 50 years of combined experience spans the spectrum from electronic to database security, with the full technology stack in between. We are driven to ensure your most precious data is secure from outside threats, nefarious insiders, and any of a myriad of other damaging actors attempting to undermine your business. Our team is here for one goal, your business’s security. 

Protection & Encryption for Your Organization


Datanchor ensures your data is unable to leave your organization without your consent.  We encrypt and restrict access to that data based on boundaries or business rules you create.  The boundaries can be physical, such as requiring a user to be joined to your network locally and/or virtually through Wi-Fi/cloud connectivity.  The encryption runs in the background unbeknownst to the user. Access can be revoked instantaneously and relegate existing data files unreadable regardless of the current location of the data. 

Assurance and Advisory Services for your Organization


eDelta Consulting and its affiliate, eDelta CPA Services, is an assurance and advisory firm with extensive expertise in providing audit, financial, operational, compliance and technology services, including cybersecurity risk management services across all lines of defense.

Our delivery team brings decades of experience from major accounting firms, Internal Audit Divisions, top-tier consulting firms, and various Federal and State Regulatory agencies.

With its headquarters in New York City, eDelta maintains robust staffing resources in New York, and a network of domestic and international partners through our alliance with BDO and its alliance network. Our management team and our experience, along with our quality practices allow us to execute a deliverable model which consistently provides the best service in “meeting your needs” while “exceeding your expectations”.